Endless possibilities, explore and imagine with some of these example layouts and plans.

*Disclaimer: Have Fun and Explore the Various Illustrative Designs that can become a “Reality for YOU”. So Many options and these are just a few! WE build and deliver to YOU the “Core Container Home” as agreed upon to your prepared Job Site. USE these templates and add any Features we show here and work with your Local Contractor (or do it Yourself). These are “Suggested” ways to further enhance your Home. The Possibilities are Endless! Decks and Interior additions are not included in your cost.

Functional and Convenient Houses

Closed and Open


Interior Examples

  • Bed is integrated with the wall, saving a LOT of space.

  • Living, kitchen, bedroom designed separately, space using more reasonable.

  • Front and side deck achieve variable purpose and more available space.

For Family Living Purposes with a Large Veranda

  • Using white hue for most area, clean and clear.

  • Solid wood floor makes for pastoral feeling

  • Furniture is integrated with the wall, fold-able and hidden, allowing more available space.

40+20 House

  • Two floor

  • Family living

  • Flexible and larger living area


Cafe / Restaurant
Cafe.M = Module + Move + Modern + Minimum